About Kindra

I told my first story when I was in fifth grade — a children’s story in front of twenty-five third graders. They sat silent, still, and totally captivated for every word of it (no small feat if you’ve ever known a third grader). Even then, I suspected I was on to something.

If you want to get their attention, you better be telling them stories!

Now, as a full time professional storytelling expert and advisor, I work with others to help them find, craft and tell their stories so their message is remembered. My client list includes individuals leading sales organizations, experts in the finance industry, motivational speakers, non-profit organizations committed to raising funds and even bloggers wanting to stand out in the competitive online atmosphere.

You have a story – NOT telling it is hurting your bottom line.

It’s been over twenty years since that first performance. In that time I have transformed thousands of messages into compelling stories that produce results. Together, we can put your stories to work. One good story is all it takes for your audience, whoever that may be, to be listening as intently as the third graders were that day I told for the very first time.

The world is waiting to hear it!

You are one story from greatness.
It’s time to start telling.