6 Strategies to Becoming the Greatest Story in Your Industry

(Check out the article at SUCCESS online here)

November 2nd, 2016 is the latest my kids have ever stayed up — at least on a school night.

We were at a friends’ house. The plan was loose — eat, let the kids play, and have the last game of World Series on in the background. Since none of us were particularly into baseball, we figured we’d get bored soon enough and make it home at a reasonable hour.

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But then the Cubs led 6 to 3.
And then there was the tie in the 8th.
And then the extra innings.
And then the rain delay…

By 9pm the kids were begging to go home and go to bed — so we gave them popcorn and ice cream and bribed them with iPads just so we could stay and see how this epic story ended.

The next morning, my first morning as a Cubs fan, I realized there was a lot to learn — for brands especially — about storytelling from the Cubs’ epic win.

Here is an article I wrote for SUCCESS Magazine online with six important (and easy to implement) storytelling takeaways from that nail-biter of a game (including your own “goat curse” story) so you too can have the greatest story in your industry.

Enjoy. Share (please! so SUCCESS will want more stories from me) and I’ll be back with more soon.