A Better New Year Needs Better Storytelling

A few days ago, I pulled out the book Michael and I use every New Year’s Eve to write down a review of the year before and set intentions for the year to come.

It’s crazy to read the book; it’s like a micro time-capsule.
Sometimes we nail it — and do exactly what we said we would.
Sometimes we fall short — sometimes very short.

And sometimes, our goals change so drastically over the course of the year that we barely recognize the people who set the goals in the first place.

However, more important than the intentions we set, as storytelling practitioners we spend a lot of time systematically dismantling stories that are holding us back and then building the framework for new, better storytelling in the year to come.

Because we’ve learned; sometimes the stories we tell ourselves are the most important ones.

This video details the process we use in the hopes that, if you use it, your 2018 will be a great one.

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