Hustling in Chaos

I wrote an article for SUCCESS Magazine in the pre-coronavirus era. It was supposed to be an article focused on, well, focus.

At the time I wrote the article, the topic seemed pretty straightforward and the early days of my entrepreneurial journey perfectly illustrated the content — the early days when I was simultaneously trying to grow a business and be a stay-at-home parent to two tiny humans. Children, as I quickly learned, have a way of turning your whole world upside down. I had to get creative in finding strategies that gave me time to work on my business.

Great, I thought. Article done.

Little did I know that, by the time the magazine hit the shelves, many of American workers would be unexpectedly working from home while also trying to homeschool//raise their children. And even if children weren’t part of the equation, working in a new environment is still riddled with “focus” obstacles.

Today, this article takes on new importance. It’s no longer a piece about business lessons learned from the trenches of motherhood, it’s a practical guide to navigate a situation fraught with chaos.

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In this short video, I share the five best tips I have for pursuing your business and dreams, even when your day-to-day schedule turns upside down.