Kindra Hall

Kindra is a professional storyteller—but don’t let that title deceive you. You won’t find her reading stories to children in the local library or telling ghost stories around a campfire. Instead, you’ll find her in far scarier settings—working with corporations, associations, executives and entrepreneurs who daily, miss critical opportunities to utilize the power of their untold stories.

Kindra is an award-winning author and columnist. She has spoken on stages across the country for audiences as large as 15,000. Kindra completed her masters thesis on the role that storytelling plays in organizational socialization. Shortly thereafter, Kindra became the Vice President of Sales for a multi-million dollar direct sales company where her role was to leverage the company’s stories to motivate, lead, encourage the sales force, and of course, close more sales.

Kindra honed her storytelling skill as a student of the greats in the traditional storytelling community including Jay O’Callahan, Kevin Kling, Bobby Norfolk and Donald Davis. At the age 23, she served as the youngest member on the Board of the Directors for the National Storytelling Network.

Today she is the personal story coach and advisor to high-profile speakers, executives, professional athletes and business owners including Darren Hardy, the publisher and founding editor of SUCCESS Magazine. Kindra works with these individuals and businesses to help them find, craft and tell their personal stories in order to increase message resonance, and to move and persuade their audiences, increasing revenue and reach.