Let’s Get Digital

I heard from a friend that her daughter’s ballet class was going virtual. The kids would tune in during their same class time and the teach would livestream the class to them.

My mother, who lives across the country from us, now Facetimes my children after their lunch and reads to them.

I’ve even recorded a couple keynotes that I otherwise would have delivered in person but, as a result of the coronavirus crisis, wasn’t able to and they will be sent to the attendees to watch at home.

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And while you may have even seen this coming — more communication happening via video — I don’t think any of us could have imagined it happening overnight.

If some of your business has now moved digital and you’re nervous about still being excellent on a screen, this video gives three quick tips that will drastically improve your digital communication.

And if you haven’t already ordered your copy of Stories that Stick… NOW is the perfect time! It’s a great opportunity for growth and helps an author & small business owner. 🙂 You can get it on Audible too — I’ll read it to you!