Why No One Cares About Your Mission Statement

Most companies have a beautifully written mission statement highlighting their values, purpose and focus. It’s printed on the walls, on the company letterhead and splashed across the website. It’s the formal declaration of the company’s purpose.

But, what makes your company’s mission statement different than any other company’s statement? Unfortunately, probably nothing.

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Why? Because a mission statement is simply nice words strung together – just like every other company’s statement. It sounds nice, but it doesn’t really give your customers a reason to care about what you care about.

So, if your statement lacks meaning, how do you show your customers what you value as a company? The answer is your company’s story. Even businesses have stories, and sharing those with your customers will leave an impression far greater than any mission statement.

In this video, I’ll tell you about how to articulate your company’s stories to your customers. Because that story is going to show your customer and potential customer who they are doing business with and keep them coming back.