Overcoming the Reluctant Storyteller

Though we have widely accepted the social nature of business today, there are still a few clashes between the old way of doing things and the new, more personal way. Whereas there used to be a distinct separation between a business and the people behind it, today’s consumers expect, prefer (and demand) a more personal connection to the brands they buy and the companies they choose to do business with.

A super easy way to make that personal connection? Tell the company story.

However, marketing executives often find themselves stuck between a storytelling rock and a hard place. Their company has an amazing story but the powers that be are reluctant to tell it.

In this video (and I’ll admit to getting a little fired up about it), I detail the 3 big hang ups to telling a founding story and how to work around them.

(BONUS: Here’s a link to the construction video I mention — CLICK HERE)


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