Resilience and the Threat to Your Story

There is a dark side to resilience and storytelling. This video will tell you what it is and how to fight against it.

I remember walking through a shopping mall with my grandmother as a child.

I was holding a bubble gum flavored ice cream cone; the kind with real pieces of gum in it, and walking a few steps behind her as we made our way out to the car.

Suddenly, I struck gold! Well, copper at least. On the ground just a few strides ahead of me was a shiny new penny. I was as excited as any child who just found money while eating a bubble gum ice cream cone would be. But as I bent down to pick up the coin, my grandmother stopped me.

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“Leave that penny alone,” she said. “It’s not wise to spend your time looking down — you should always be looking up and ahead.”

Leaving the penny was hard, but I took her words to heart and have been obsessively looking forward ever since.

It’s been a good strategy. Looking ahead keeps the mind focused on what’s coming so you’re primed to seize opportunities as they come.

Unfortunately, there is a problem with always looking ahead. Researchers have explored the dark side of resilience and the dangers are significant. Especially when it comes to using your story.

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