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Kindra is committed to helping organizations capture attention, drive sales, and grow stronger leaders through the power of strategic storytelling. Kindra serves her story consulting clients in a variety of ways through workshops and one-on-one sessions. When you hire Kindra, you get Kindra. And while this means she can only work with a limited number of clients, you can be confident your story is in the hands of the expert herself.

One-on-One Story Session

Perfect for: Business teams looking for storytelling insights to enhance a particular message or initiative.

This is the preferred method of consulting for results-oriented teams designed to bring Kindra in at the critical story moment. Called the the “Story 40 Session,” Kindra and the client meet via virtual conference for an intense, 40 minute session. Prior to the meeting, clients fill out a form detailing the project, objectives and current state of the message. During the session, Kindra what storytelling strategies to implement for best results.

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