Using Story to Get Ahead

Ok, this one’s for the ladies – and anyone who is struggling to talk about themselves!

Why do we as women, find it so hard to talk about ourselves? Our success? Our hard work and determination? It’s something I’ve struggled with and it’s so frustrating!

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When I’m coaching clients, it’s often difficult for many of them to get over the feeling that they are “bragging” about their accomplishments. It’s challenging for many of us to celebrate and express all the great things we’ve done.

So, how do you get over that feeling? By crafting your story. When you are using story to illustrate your achievements, it feels less like bragging and more like sharing information. And the bonus is that your story makes a much bigger impression than a list of your accomplishments.

In this video, I’ll share with you how I realized the solution for comfortably and confidently expressing your wins – and where to draw from to create your story.