Story Your Way to Success

In Direct Selling

Best Audience: Party Plan Annual Conventions, MLM & Network Marketing Industry Events

This keynote will revolutionize the way your distributors* approach their businesses —switching from product facts to telling engaging stories. As you know, the best way for your people to increase reach and revenue is not with a deeper understanding of the products or compensation plan, but rather a greater commitment to telling the stories that bring the products and opportunity to life.

The greatest leaders in the network marketing industry influence, motivate and inspire their prospects and teams by connecting on a deeper level… that level is reached through stories.

Regardless if they are brand new or a seasoned veteran of the industry, better storytelling is the fastest most effective way to accelerate growth.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the scientific reasons why storytelling is the most effective form of communication when growing your direct selling business
  • Gain clarity on the difference between what a story IS and what it isn’t (you’ll be surprised!)
  • Obtain specific strategies for accessing the unlimited stories available for every one of your team members to tell
  • Discover the biggest storytelling mistake and how to avoid it
  • Leave with specific tips for crafting and telling compelling stories

The Result

Through compelling research, profound case studies, and captivating stories of her own, Kindra will elevate individuals on all levels of your company. The outcome of this keynote is an army of individuals ready to change lives with the story of how your company changed theirs.