Half Day Storytelling Workshop

The Storytelling Secret Weapon in Action

Best Audience: Sales Teams, Marketing Team, Executive Team, Fundraising Organizations, Associations, Small business owners

This workshop is designed to first generate participant excitement about the simple shift to telling compelling stories to close sales, enhance a brand, raise funds or become a transformational leader. Through research, case studies, and her own expertly-told stories, Kindra proves that not only is strategic storytelling a skill worth developing, it’s worth developing immediately.

From there, Kindra helps participants identify the three most important stories to tell for their particular goals. With specific techniques, attendees work together to start identifying their own stories. Under Kindra’s guidance, individuals will workshop stories of their own in front of the group.

The outcome of this half-day event is everyone walks away with a story they can use to enhance their effectiveness in each of their roles.

“Over 95% of attendees ranked Kindra’s message as “extremely valuable” and that “storytelling” was one of the top skills they developed or enhanced from the summit.”

— ConAgra

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the psychology behind the irresistible draw of stories
  • Gain clarity on what a story actually is—a nuance lost in the sensationalism of the word
  • Discover the biggest storytelling mistake and how to avoid it
  • Understand the three-step storytelling process
  • Discover the three most important stories to start telling first
  • Identify possible stories to tell
  • Workshop Individual stories in groups
  • Workshop individual stories in front of the room with Kindra’s guidance

Time: Up to three hours. One hour keynote, two hours interactive workshop