Full Day Storytelling Workshop

The Storytelling Secret Weapon Assessed and In Action

Best Audience: Sales Teams, Marketing Teams, Executive Teams, Fundraising Organizations

This storytelling workshop occurs in three phases. In the first phase Kindra generates participant excitement about the storytelling opportunity. Through research, case studies, and her own expertly-told stories, Kindra proves that a simple shift to telling compelling stories will create massive and measurable results.

Participants then examine the stories being told or missing within their organization in the second phase. Prior to the workshop, Kindra will analyze the current company messaging—including but not limited to videos, websites, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, sales pitches and through interviews—to identify storytelling gaps. After discussion and discovery, Kindra will lead the group through guided exercises to identify the missing stories.

The third phase teaches participants to individually workshop their own story in small groups and Kindra will workshop those stories individuals are ready to share. Finally, as a bonus for this full day together, Kindra will write and return three of the stories discussed in Phase Two of the workshops as finished products—ready for video, print or face to face meetings.

Participants leave the storytelling workshop feeling empowered, equipped and excited to use their stories to gain an advantage—to either drive sales, create better marketing messages, raise more funds, build better customer relationships, or to lead their teams more effectively. Or all of the above.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the psychology behind the irresistible draw of stories
  • Gain organizational clarity on what a story actually is—a nuance lost in the sensationalism of the word
  • Discover the biggest storytelling mistake and how to avoid it
  • Understand the three-step storytelling process
  • Discuss stories that are currently being told
  • Evaluate current presentation, sales or marketing material
  • Discover the three most important stories to start telling first
  • Identify possible stories to tell
  • Workshop Individual stories in groups
  • Workshop individual stories in front of the room with Kindra’s guidance

Time: Up to 6 hours.