The Billion Dollar Story

Today I’m going to share with you one of the  most important stories you’ll ever tell. One that, when behind the right idea, can be your billion dollar story.

Your Genesis story. The Creator story. Your Origin story. It’s been called by many names. Perhaps my favorite description of this story was coined by an investor at Andreessen Horowitz. A Product/Founder story. What the heck is that? Product and founder fit story is when an investor sees value in not only the product, but in its creator and the story of the relationship between the two. That complete package of story + product is what makes the product so marketable—what differentiates it in the marketplace.

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Perhaps the best story about this type of story is AirBnB. (Watch the video — you don’t want to miss this story).

Even if you’re not seeking a deep pockets investor, hearing the story about you and your product is important! That story will create a connection for your clients, potential clients, followers – anyone whose attention you’re working for. I’ll share with you why your product and founder story is so important and how it could be the important link to your billion dollar (or whatever number you choose) future.