Resonate with Storytelling Nostalgia

It was a Friday night, the whole family was home and we decided to watch a movie. I was tired of princesses, and angry birds, and even singing trolls so I claimed Mom’s Choice and searched for one of my childhood favorites, The Sandlot. It was a hit with the family, just as I suspect… but what I didn’t expect was the powerful metaphors the movie served up to help leaders resonate with storytelling.

One of the great challenges the leaders of today face is connecting with teams — really engaging them. How do you motivate across differences? How do you deliver messages that matter to each of them? How do you connect with them as more than a boss or manager, but as a person?

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You already know storytelling can help you resonate immediately during a presentation, (which is why all presentations should start with a story), but effective leaders must resonate beyond the formalities of business. There are three key areas storytelling can help you resonate as a leader — and today’s video (with the help of The Sandlot) will teach you how.

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