Resources for Writing a Book

On May 2nd I went LIVE on Instagram (and maybe Facebook but I’m not entirely sure) to answer questions about my book Stories that Stick (which is now available for pre-order in case you haven’t heard!) and about book writing in general.

During the broadcast I mentioned a few resources that were very helpful for me.

  1. A transcription app called Rev. I’ve been using Rev for years without fail. For a dollar a minute you can transcribe anything! It is a great way to get ideas out of your head and onto paper/into a word document. Simply hit record on the app, speak your mind, click “transcribe” and they’ll send you a transcription back in a few hours or less.
  2. A blog post by the great Rand Fishkin. I printed out this blog post and carried it around in my purse when I was trying to figure out how to get my book published. His advice is practical and accurate and really was my guide throughout the whole process. In fact, his blog post inspired MY announcement when I got the good news that my book would be published by Harper Collins Leadership.
  3. Something I didn’t mention on the Live broadcast was this resource: Your Big Beautiful Book Plan. It gives some pretty clear examples of what each section of your book proposal should look like.

Lastly, if you’re self publishing, I mentioned the importance of these key people:

  1. A cover designer.
  2. An interior page designer.
  3. A copy editor.
  4. And something I didn’t mention on the broadcast was getting a group of readers to read an early draft and submit comments about the various chapters of the book. It’s hard to know what’s missing when it’s your own project.

I hope this is helpful! Now get writing!

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