The Forgotten Story

As a leader, the best stories you can tell are personal ones; stories about you, your experience and especially those moments that didn’t quite turn out the way they thought you would. Just one, well-told story can satisfy all the vulnerability // authenticity your team craves. The problem: We have a tendency to forget our… Read more »

Overcoming the Reluctant Storyteller

Overcoming the Reluctant Storyteller

Though we have widely accepted the social nature of business today, there are still a few clashes between the old way of doing things and the new, more personal way. Whereas there used to be a distinct separation between a business and the people behind it, today’s consumers expect, prefer (and demand) a more personal connection to the… Read more »

Digital Storytelling | Kindra Hall

Digital Storytelling

For brands who are trying to connect with consumers, digital storytelling seems like an obvious choice. Whereas brands used to be limited by platform, (television, radio, print), now the storytelling stages are endless. However, the move from the campfire to brand collateral hasn’t been a smooth one for stories. And much of what makes story… Read more »

Story Starts In Research and Development

Story Begins in Research & Development

Some of my favorite stories are the ones that started during Research & Development. They’re the stories of the crazy ideas that turned into something we can’t live without. Funny stories of multiple failures before finally nailing a product. Sometimes, particularly when a company is still small and people play many roles, the story becomes… Read more »

4 Stories to Overcome the Pressure to Present

Nerves before a presentation is perfectly normal. At least, that’s what everyone says to me when I pace backstage before every speech. I’ve tried everything to calm my nerves; meditating, exercise, more coffee, less coffee. The thing that has worked the best? Using stories to overcome the stage fright. Click Here to Subscribe This video will… Read more »

Storytelling vs Humor

One of my favorite things is watching my husband watch reruns of Seinfeld. He laughs so hard. I love how his eyes crinkle in the corners. Though, I must admit, I’m a little jealous Jerry can make my husband laugh like that. I want to be that funny. Sadly, few can be as funny as Seinfeld. The… Read more »

No Drama Story

Resilience and the Threat to Your Story

There is a dark side to resilience and storytelling. This video will tell you what it is and how to fight against it. I remember walking through a shopping mall with my grandmother as a child. I was holding a bubble gum flavored ice cream cone; the kind with real pieces of gum in it,… Read more »

Run baby. Run. | Story

Run baby. Run.

When she was 3-years-old, my daughter chased a boy around the playground until she threw up. She ran so hard and so fast that her body gave up before her will allowed her to quit. I wasn’t there to witness the event, but I knew exactly what it looked like. Me. Though I never ran until… Read more »

Resonate Storytelling Nostalgia

Resonate with Storytelling Nostalgia

It was a Friday night, the whole family was home and we decided to watch a movie. I was tired of princesses, and angry birds, and even singing trolls so I claimed Mom’s Choice and searched for one of my childhood favorites, The Sandlot. It was a hit with the family, just as I suspect… but what… Read more »

Dont Cut the Business Story Details

Don’t Cut the Business Story Details

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “The devil is in the details…” Meaning, if something is going to go wrong, it’s likely in the fine print; something you might otherwise overlook. And when it comes to a business story, details are the indeed where things can go wrong… but not necessarily in the way you’d think.… Read more »